A General Dentist Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

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Your general dentist may have told you that you need root canal therapy. You may be wondering what happens when you get a root canal. The way general dentists do root canal therapy is not the same as it once was. It is a routine procedure that dentists use to remove the infection from a tooth in an effort to save it. Here are some commonly asked questions about root canal therapy.

What is a root canal?

Sometimes, a tooth becomes so infected that bacteria enter into the root area of the tooth. General dentists work to save the tooth and use the root canal procedure to attempt to clear out the infection. The dentist will remove the infected tissue and disinfect the area. Then the dentist will seal the area off to prevent reinfection. Root canals are very common — general dentists do millions of root canals each year.

Who needs a root canal?

There are many reasons why a patient may need a root canal. Patients who are teeth grinders can end up with cracked teeth. Cracked teeth can be very painful. Before restoring the tooth, the dentist will clean out the tooth and often perform a root canal to ensure there is no infection before sealing off the tooth. But it is not only a cracked tooth that may need a root canal. Patients who have large cavities or extensive tooth decay can try a root canal to save the tooth.

Signs a patient needs a root canal

Some people do not experience severe pain in the affected tooth. But sensitivity to hot and cold items even after the item is out of the mouth can be an indicator. Chipped and cracked teeth are prime candidates, but the dentist will examine the tooth to determine if an infection is present yet or not. Pimples along the gum near the tooth can appear when there is an infection present. Gums can also be swollen or appear darker as the decay worsens. Tooth decay can contribute to bad breath, even with brushing and flossing.

Why get a root canal?

There are many options for tooth restoration, so people often wonder why it is important to get a root canal. General dentists want to help people retain natural teeth for as long as possible. Retaining natural teeth helps patients keep a normal bite pattern and feel. Keeping natural teeth in place can prevent abnormal wear and tear on the other teeth. Root canals help people to restore better oral health without the need for tooth extraction and a further dental restoration like an implant. Clearing out infection is important for comfort and long-term oral health because it can prevent infection from spreading into the jawbone or other teeth.

Your general dentist is your dental care partner

Your dentist will examine your mouth and can determine if you could benefit from a root canal. It is a common procedure that your dentist has likely done many times. Root canal therapy can help you get back on the road to good oral health with a short recovery time. Talk to your dentist about whether this procedure can help you resolve a tooth infection issue.

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