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When it comes time to getting cosmetic dentistry to protect damaged teeth, a patient may face the simple decision of receiving same day crowns or traditional crowns. So what is the difference? Some people may not be aware that a patient can receive a permanent crown in a single visit to the dentist.

Spotting the differences

Modern technology has made it possible for dentists to create a crown in their own office in almost no time, cutting out the need to send impressions to an external lab. Time, along with several other factors, may make same day crowns more advantageous, but it depends on each patient. A traditional crown may still be worth investing in. A comparison of the two processes can help a patient decide which route to take.  

Number of office visits

As the name suggests, “same day” means that the crown is placed over a tooth during the same visit that the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth. A traditional crown requires at least two office visits — one to take the impression and a second to place the permanent crown, which must be made in a lab away from the office.


Receiving a crown at the dentist’s office in one appointment only takes about one hour. On the other hand, when an impression is sent to the lab, it could be several days or several weeks before the permanent crown is ready.

Temporary crowns

These are not needed at all for same day crowns since a patient receives the permanent crown immediately. Temporary crowns are necessary for the patient waiting for a crown being made at a lab.


Anyone who has needed a tooth impression knows what it feels like to bite down on a large tray of gooey putty and wait a minute or two until the mold hardens. This same process is used to get an impression for a traditional crown. To make a same day crown, however, a dentist scans the patient’s mouth with a small camera and the 3D image is uploaded to a computer. As soon as the digital impression is ready, an in-house mill machine creates the new crown in a few minutes.


The use of digital scanning for a crown can make for a more accurate fit than with traditional crowns. A crown made with a mold may not be as precise due to unpredictable factors like extra saliva in the mouth.


Both types of crowns are used to fix the same problems:

  • Capping and stabilizing decayed or damaged teeth
  • Holding together cracked teeth
  • Covering dental implants
  • Topping off a root canal


Most same day crowns are carved from a block of ceramic. Traditional crowns can be made of a variety of materials, such as metal, porcelain and ceramic.


There are advantages to each kind of crown, and the decision to get same day crowns or traditional ones may depend on a patient’s needs more than anything else. By discussing them with a dentist, patients can get their way toward better-looking teeth.

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