Can I Play Sports With Denture Implants?

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If you have gotten denture implants, you may be wondering when you can get back to your game. Sports have always been a favorite pastime. Whether you play basketball, football or another sport, you probably want to start playing again. While you can play sports after denture implants, you will need to take some precautions. Dental injuries are common in sports, so you will want to protect your implants. Read on to learn how you can do this.

Protecting the denture implants

During contact sports, it is vital to protect the teeth. Strong teeth start at home. An easy way to protect the teeth is by providing a strong foundation for them. By having a regular brushing and flossing routine, the gums will remain healthy.

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is a good idea. When the gums are healthy, the teeth are less likely to be knocked loose. The risk of patients requiring an emergency dentist is lower. Patients will want to wear a mouthguard as well during sports. There are many reasons to wear mouthguards. These guards can prevent injuries such as:

  • Injuries to the soft tissues
  • Tooth loss
  • Tooth fractures
  • Tooth displacement

Wearing a mouthguard

Patients should get a mouthguard created at the dentist’s office. A customized mouthguard is more likely to fit the patient’s mouth better. Getting a mouthguard online or at the store can even damage the patient’s teeth. Wearing a poorly fitting mouthguard for a longer period of time can cause teeth to move out of alignment.

However, wearing a mouthguard that fits properly is a better choice. It does not place excess stress on the teeth. Instead, it works with the teeth to keep them protected during games. Getting a mouthguard at the dentist’s is quick.

Waiting to play sports

Patients should not play sports immediately after getting denture implants. In the first several days after the surgery, patients will experience bleeding, so activity can prolong the bleeding. However, even after the bleeding has stopped, patients should still avoid too much activity. The body will need the energy to heal and keep the implants in place.

Patients should avoid playing contact sports until several months later. This time is necessary to help the bone in the jawbone integrate with the implants. Before the bone has integrated, the patient is more likely to accidentally knock the implant loose. The dentist can help the patient decide when to get back into the game.

Visit a dentist today for denture implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, denture implants can help. Perhaps it got knocked out during a game, or maybe it came out because of gum disease. No matter what the case is, you can benefit from getting denture implants. After you get them, your dentist can help you decide when you can start playing again. By following the dentist’s instructions, you give yourself a good chance at fully recovering from getting implants.

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