Common Types of Dental Restoration: An Overview

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A dental restoration is one of the many options you have for repairing part of your tooth’s structure. It can also be used to replace one or more teeth. A few of the most common types of restorations include fillings, crowns, bridges and implants. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of restorations you have available to you.

Why are restorations necessary?

One of the most common reasons to need a dental restoration is because of tooth decay. This is caused by bacteria that produce acids in the mouth. The bacteria can form a sticky layer over the patient’s teeth. The acids from the bacteria slowly eat away at the tooth enamel. Eventually, there will be a hole in the tooth, also known as a cavity.

However, decay is not the only reason a patient might need to have a restoration. Gum disease is another reason. If this is not treated, the patient may have tooth loss over time. In this case, one or more teeth may need to be replaced.


Perhaps one of the more common types of dental restorations is a filling. This is used to treat minor cavities. The dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and replaces it with a material. This can be a composite material, silver or porcelain. In some cases, even gold is used to restore the tooth. A composite resin filling is made out of glass and plastic.


If the decay is more extensive, then the patient might need a dental crown. This is a type of cap that goes over the patient’s tooth in the mouth. This can restore both the size and the shape of the tooth. It also strengthens the tooth and gives it a better appearance. Sometimes, a crown is used to hold a dental bridge in place. It might also go over a dental implant.

Dentures and bridges

A bridge is a type of dental restoration that can close the gap that is left by missing teeth. The bridge will be cemented in place permanently. A denture is a complete set of false teeth. The dentures are removable from the mouth, unlike bridges.

The dentures are made out of an acrylic resin material. Then it is combined with metal attachments to go in the mouth properly. A complete set of dentures can replace all of a patient’s teeth. On the other hand, partial dentures can be used when there are still some natural teeth in the mouth. These are kept in place with the metal pieces that are attached to the patient’s remaining teeth.

Visit a dentist for a dental restoration today

If you have decay, tooth trauma, gum disease or another oral health condition, you may need a restoration. The good news is that you have many options available to you. For example, you have crowns and bridges to choose from. Your dentist can help you decide which type of dental restoration is right for you.

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