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All-on-4 Dental Implants Dallas, TX

The All-on-4® fixed dental bridge is a popular solution for missing teeth. This permanent prosthodontic appliance allows the wearer to make full use of their artificial teeth, without the bother of slippage or constant repair.

Patients who have diseased teeth that are past saving often grapple with the looming reality of multiple missing teeth. Because dentists sympathize, they try to salvage distressed teeth, sometimes repeatedly. However, when gum disease or tooth decay attacks the same teeth repeatedly, it is usually time to consider alternatives.

All-on-4® as a solution to diseased teeth

Procedures like root canal therapy can fail repeatedly, especially if the problem tooth has a complicated root canal anatomy that makes pockets of infection hard to reach.

Patients who suffer from multiple or chronic dental problems are candidates for an aggressive approach to oral health. This approach includes the extraction and replacement of badly damaged teeth. In such scenarios, tooth extraction and replacement eliminates the constant infection of tooth decay.

Patients who suffer from periodontal disease often end up losing their teeth, anyway, making them good candidates for implant-supported prosthetics like All-on-4®. There are many oral health benefits of replacing damaged and diseased teeth with fixed dental bridges.

Why implant-supported full-arch dental bridges are good for oral health

The root does more than just anchor the crown in place. As a person chews, the root flexes in its socket, providing the stimulation that the surrounding bone needs to regenerate.

Bone tissue needs to regenerate constantly because it is constantly losing material in a process known as resorption. When tooth loss happens, the affected section of the jawbone remains without a tooth root. Now, with nothing to stimulate the creation of new bone tissue, this section of the jaw starts to lose mass and density.

Dental implants prevent this from happening. When they replace the roots of natural teeth, they also stimulate the regeneration of the section of the jawbone in which they sit. This is in addition to improving the bite of their wearer.

Placement of full-arch dental restoration with All-on-4®

The most important stage of All-on-4® installation is evaluation, diagnosis and planning. Evaluation and diagnosis involve getting a clear picture as far as a patient’s oral health is concerned. Here is what the dentist looks for at this stage:

  • The health of the teeth and gums
  • Whether the patient has enough mass in their jawbone
  • Underlying medical conditions that would complicate dental implant surgery
  • The willingness of the patient to undergo dental implant surgery

A dentist will use medical imaging to evaluate the health of their patient’s mouth. They will use the information from patient evaluation to determine if their patient is a good candidate for All-on-4®. The medical images are also useful in the planning and design stages of full dental arch restoration.

Using scans of the patient’s mouth, teeth and jaws, the dentist or oral surgeon uses design software to position the dental implants. They proceed to use the design software to create an All-on-4® bridge that matches the patient’s facial structure. What follows is the installation of the dental implants and soon after, the bridge itself.

The All-on-4® dental bridge could be the answer to your long-term oral health issues

Contact our office to find out how. Our team boasts a skilled dentist and an experienced oral surgeon. They are happy to offer a diagnosis and treatment plan that will restore your mouth to full health. All-on-4® could be the solution that upgrades your smile.

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